What is a Pediatrician

Children are not just “little” adults. The advice provided to parents and patients needs to be age and size appropriate. A pediatrician provides preventative health care for healthy children and treats children with acute or chronic illnesses. A child's growth and development varies at every age and stage. Because of this, it is important for infants, children, and adolescents to be seen on a regular basis for health maintenance visits. Pediatricians are involved in the physical health and emotional well-being of their patients. Of great importance is the anticipatory guidance provided by the pediatrician at the time of these visits in order to help the child grow and develop to their fullest potential.

Prevention or early detection and treatment of chronic conditions such as developmental disorders, behavioral difficulties, overweight, asthma, and growth disorders as well as diagnosis and treatment of acute problems such as viral infections, sports injuries, and eczema are examples of the spectrum of medical conditions that would be treated by a pediatrician.

Board Certified Pediatricians have had three years of specialty training in Pediatrics from an accredited training program.

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