Telehealth, or a “virtual visit”, is a consultation with one of our physicians via video conferencing. This option is convenient, allows you/your child to be seen without coming into our office, and provides care by your regular physician (who knows your full history and has access to your medical chart.) Charges for telemedicine will be submitted to your insurance company. By logging onto the telemedicine call, you are giving your consent for the visit and submission of charges to the insurance company.

Virtual visits are not for all conditions. We can provide care for most of the following acute and chronic care concerns:

  • Rashes, Acne, other Skin Conditions
  • Pinkeye without fever
  • Colds
  • Some fevers
  • Allergies
  • Constipation, diarrhea or vomiting
  • Minor traumas
  • Followup on medical problems
  • Followup on medications
  • Mental health issues (depression, anxiety, ADHD)
  • AWV’s (Medicare wellness visits)
  • Counseling about Covid-19 related issues
  • Travel Medicine
  • Birth Control
  • Completion of forms (FMLA, school medication forms.)
  • ER or Hospital follow-up visits

It is also possible that after video-conferencing, we may ask you to scheduled an appointment for an in person sick visit if we need to perform a physical exam that reaches beyond the abilities of video conferencing. 

Appointments for Telehealth visits can be scheduled through our front desk; call 708-484-0042 or send a portal message to Phones/Appointment Scheduling.

Instructions for each physician are listed below:

  1. Dr. Wainer
  2. Dr. Destani
  3. Dr. Hsieh
  4. Dr. Gershberg
  5. Dr. Weiss -
  6. Dr. Momin
  7. Dr. Akl
  8. Dr. Odom (Psychologist)

Please log on by clicking the link noted above for your visit 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time and the doctor will join you shortly. If your time is 6:00 pm, please be available from 5:55-6:30. We allow a window of time for each logon to allow for unexpected emergencies in our office. You will need the text message link sent by Dr. Weiss directly to start the telemedicine visit with Dr. Weiss.

Suggestions for a successful Telemedicine visit:

  1. Use an iPhone, Android phone or Tablet for better camera quality if possible.
  2. Have flashlight/iPhone/cell phone light available, and choose a quiet, well lit space (NOT in direct sunlight which can blur the video.)
  3. If your symptoms are of a rash or skin condition, please send some photos to the doctor before the visit by Oh MD text for Drs Weiss/Wainer or by portal for Drs. Destani, Hsieh, Gershberg, and Momin.

Thank you.

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