What's New at PCA

  • Rehab Solutions sees patients in our office for Physical Therapy. See the link on our home page for more information!
  • We have replaced the waiting room furniture and have repainted the office.
  • Our in-house pharmacy is open during office hours.  They accept most insurances and will even deliver to your home.
  • We heard your concerns about the length of wait times on the phones. We have addressed this now allowing you to receiving an automatic call back and still maintain your place in the phone queue. (Instructions will be given at the time of your call.)
  • If our physicians are running late, our reception will notify you during your wait in the office.
  • We realized that the check-in process at the front desk was lengthy. We will soon have the ability to do online checkin prior to your appointment from home. In addition, we have updated our check-in process to make this run more smoothly.


7-20-17 J.M.A very well organized dr office that operates smoothly. The word "family physician" Dr Berndt is a role model.   New physicians coming into the world of medical practice should take lessons from her.

7-17-17 V.C. I've always been happy with the care and customer service at Primary Care Associates. Dr. Berndt is a great, caring doctor!

7-10-17 T.B. As usual, my star lady doctor, Dr. Sheila Berndt, is very caring.  She is of great help to my present crisis in life.


6-30-17 L.W. The nurse I had that took care of me was so nice & caring. Very good at her job too.


6-29-17 E.T. very grateful for the excellent service.


6-28-17 E.T. Dr Wainer spends a considerable amount of time with me, far more than other doctors I've seen throughout the years. Feel like he truly listens, addresses all concerns, offers good advise and gets in contact with me in a timely manner. I also like not having to fight through a wall of office staff to speak directly with him, which has been my experience with other doctors in the past.


6-28-17 P.E. Always impressed with Dr. Berndt's caring and knowledge.  The rest of the staff is excellent too


6-23-17 A.R. I have been a pt. here for years.  The staff is always friendly and the MD's are all amazing. I always recommend Primary Care to my co-workers.


6-22-17 J.M.A team of professionals that are outstanding in every way


6-11-17 M.R. I am very thankful for the same day appointment.  Since I was not well.


6-10-17 W.G. I was a patient for years. I changed providers 5 years ago and tried several different medical groups because I live 38 miles away. All I can say is I could never find a better doctor then Dr Brad. It's worth every mile to visit this facility. I would drive 50 miles to visit your office. I'll never leave again


6-4-17 A.C. I have been coming to see doctor Gershburg 20+ years the friendliness of the staff has 100% improved over the years. everyone at the office is always so welcoming and accommodating. from patient privacy to the nurses and doctors bedside manner I am completely satisfied with the serves.


6-2-17 L.A. Still coming to the office to see Dr Brad whom I greatly respect after over 25 years. I trust his associates if he is not available which is rare. The staff is always great as well. I may be sick but I trust the service so I am not stressed to come there. I used to live in Berwyn but moved to Lisle almost an hour away, as well as my adult kids and we all still come to the office because so trust the docs and staff


6-2-17 G.B. The doctors and staff at primary care associates is the best I have ever had in my 68 years. The care given my special needs daughters is superior! I recommend this practice all the time.


12-19-16 L.B. I really love our doctor Dr.Berndt and the office. You guys are the best.


12-19-16 L.T. I can't thank the front desk enough fir changing my dexascan to an urgent care visit for extremely painful ulcers under my tongue. DR Wainer took excellent care of diagnosis and concern for the huge size of ulcers.His Rx were a relief and healing for this affliction. His admonition to contact drs by Thursday if no healing gave me a feeling of aftercare should I not heal.thanks all. 


12-17-16 A.F. I appreciate Dr Weiss very much. she was very helpful today in diagnosing my daughter's pneumonia.


12-16-16 L.B. Dr Gershberg is the best.

12-8-16 R.B. Keep up the good work!


12-8-16 N.D. Dr. Wainer is absolutely the best.


12-6-16 G.M. I love Primary Care Associates, I love Dr. Weiss, I love Terrence. We've never had a bad visit. Thank you for your excellent work!


12-5-16 J.M. Doctor Brad is always so helpful and thorough!  He explains conditions clearly and probably spends more time than most with his patients.  He often is behind schedule but it's worth the wait!!! 


We always try to give individualized care which may mean that sometimes our visits run long. As a result, we might run a bit late but rest assured that we will not rush through your visit. We remain  respectful of your schedule  and understand that your time is valuable too.  If and when we run late, we  routinely notify the patients of the delay. B Wainer DO


12-3 M.A.We, M. and A. A.  are very satisfy with our Dr. Berndt. She knows all our health problems and give us the recommendations needed to keep us healthy. Also the staff in the office are very interested to serve the patients in a professional way. Our only suggestion is: Keep being so nice because that's why we will never think to change our Dr. Berndt. Thank you for the opportunity to express our satisfaction.


V.D. 10-21-16 Dr. Berndt is the best!!!!!My insurance questions were addressed quickly and with confidence.  The office staff is extremely knowledgeable.


10-20-16  J.S. I feel I receive excellent care and attention.


10-19-16 G.F.  Paul my nurse was so friendly and concerned, wonderful nurse.


10-19-16  B.P. Primary Care is the best!  I am very lucky to have Dr. Brad as my doctor!


10-14-16  L.BVery satisfied with Dr. Berndt and her staff, always a pleasant experience.


10-13-16 H. S. The staff are always polite,kind helpful and warm. They are all very professional.


10-10-16  B.P. Excellent Health care all around.  Thank you!


10-10-16J.P.  Dr. Wainer is excellent. Love his attention to detail and bed side manner.  Keep up the great work!


10-8-16 A.R. Primary Care is very well organized, the staff is very friendly and respectful as well as patient. Never have had a problem and feel very confident in all aspects of all my Primary Care experiences. Bravo!

10-7-16 C.T. I had excellent care from my physician!  I am so happy that I started to come here.  Thank you for the great care Dr. Berndt!

10-5-16 K.R. I think the Portal is a great service but I'm just not that good with computers.

9-29-16 A.T.Warn me that a flu shot will make my arm hurt terribly for many days.  Otherwise, thank you Dr. Gershberg, for making me comfortable enough to ask all my questions and get through the pap smear procedure.  I was stressing about that more than you know since I've never had a man do that kind of exam.

9-29-16 M.K. Dr.Gershberg is absolutely wonderful. Had the patients like I've never seen before and truly wants to help me. What a wonderful person! Big thank you to him

9-27-16 M.B. Great service, my Dr is great!

9-27-16 S.C. Primary Care is ALWAYS kind, clear, and easy to deal with.  I almost enjoy going to the doctor when the people involved are so friendly.  Thank you for your care.

9-26-16 M.K. Give Dr.Gershberg a raise! He is hands down the best doctor ever!

9-21-16 J.M. Love the portal!  Keep up the good work

9-20-16 M.P. My wife and I have been patients of Primary Care Associates for over 30 years.  We are lucky to have the PCA team helping us with our healthcare.  The Patient Portal was, and is, a terrific communication tool.

9-13-16 G.M.  love everything about Primary Care Associates. All of the people from receptionist to nurses to Dr. Weiss are experts at what they do and their confidence comes through every time we come for an appointment. We've had only positive experiences at this office, and we actually look forward to our checkups!.

9-13-16 D.L. Sheldon in the lab is a fine replacement for Trevia!!!

Sheldon is employed by HealthLab. We try to work with HealthLab to make sure that our patients have a positive lab experience, when needed. L Weiss MD

9-8-16 G.G. The portal is probably helpful for chronically ill patients or families with lots of people to track.  As a single person, for me it's just  another thing with a password that I never look at.

The portal may not be for everyone. Many individuals do find the portal to be useful in order to have easy access to their physician with questions and to have a way to see their lab results and to have referrals/lab orders sent to them without having to come to the office. We do have full time phone staff to answer questions for patients who don't wish to use the portal. L Weiss MD


9-8-16 M.R. What happened with the fish tank?

We opened CarePlus Pharmacy, an independently owned pharmacy in our waiting room. We didn't have room for a pharmacy and a fish tank; don't worry, the fish now have a nice, new home. L Weiss MD

9-3-16 E.K. I like the idea of the portal but it's just another password I need to remember - makes getting what you need to do more of a hassle.  The phone seems easier….

Our portal is a secure email that is HIPAA compliant. In order to maintain this level of security with your protected healthcare information, we need to require you to use a password to retrieve your confidential medical information. L Weiss MD

9-3-16 G.R. I was very convenient to be able to schedule my 3 month follow up at the time of my visit than to have to wait for a call to do it. The doctor's schedule was already open

9-6-16 A.G. I love the office and the staff. Everything is great and continue to do a great job.

8-30-16 L.U.  Dr. Weiss saw my son as a walk-in appointment. We were able to immediately begin to treat his ear infection. I could not be happier about, or more appreciative of, Dr. Weiss for making time to see us. Both nurses that we saw were exceptionally nice and kind and friendly to us, too - with special attention for my sick little guy. As always - the experience was very positive.Thanks!

8-25-16 A.L. The website is very user friendly and contains all of the information I need. The staff and doctors are very responsive to the emails sent via portal.

8-25-16 M.C. I walked in the door at 150 for a 200 appt. I was out the door at 210 with prescription in hand.  That was excellent I was absolutely amazed and I must say that Dr Wainer took all the time I needed

S.K. 8-23-16 All the doctors at this facility are excellent and are very empathetic and knowledgeable. Im very lucky to have such a great group of physicians to care for me and my family

8-19-16 C.P. Thank you Dr.Berndt for taking care of me and arranging the appt. with Dr. Kurtzman so quickly

8-15-16 J. G. Your staff & Dr's are great, that is why I love going to Primary Care and always refer my friends & family to you.   Thank you for taking care of me and my family.

8-13-16 E.G. Overall pleasant experience. Thank you. Staff is very helpful. Dr. Wainer is the best!

8-12-16 C.J. I have no suggestions how to improve. Dr Brad thanks for the magic wand treatment. I feel almost normal. Thank you so much

8-11-16 C.A. Your phone waiting time is great with the call back. Love Dr.Wainer!

8-6-16K.R. As always, another friendly experience at my doctors office. Note: this was the first time I was asked, through the portal, if I wanted to pre-register. I love that idea and did it. Great addition to the portal!!

We are glad that you liked our online preregistration. Over the next year, we plan to have additional online options available to save you time once you've arrived at the office for your visit. L Weiss MD

8-1-16  C.S. I am a new patient of Dr. Berndt's and have seen her a few times. She is very helpful and listens to me unlike other doctors I have dealt with in the past. I am very pleased of the care she provides to me and grateful I found her.

7-27-16 N.S. My son hd a great experience at the lab. The gentleman that draw his blood was very helpful. He took time to explain to my son and also assist him with his "magic brush" in order for him to cooperate better. Thank you

7-28-16 C.P.Blessed to have Dr. Brad. As our primary Doctor

7-22-16 L.H. Front desk young lady was very helpful and prompt in combining my info and my children's info in the portal. She took my info and called me at home within a couple of hours.

7-19-16 K.S  My business experience with the desk was completely acceptable. The Portal is very useful and quite adequate. With regard to my medical care, I have no doubt that Dr. Gershberg is an excellent, compassionate doctor; and I believe he consistently behaves in a manner that shows he is genuinely interested in me as a person and is genuinely concerned about my health and welfare. I hold him in high regard.

7-19-16 C.O. I appreciate the staff very much from the front desk to billing to the lab to the nurses to my Dr. Wainer!!  Getting appointments quickly has been great, and Rx refills. I'm getting more used to the portal and I appreciate having that method of communication. The best part for me is having a primary care doctor with a background in addiction medicine (essential to my care.)  THANK YOU!!

7-15-16 L.B. I love this practice! Calls are answered quickly, staff has helped me schedule, reschedule, faxed me my lab orders and they are always kind and patient. In person staff is alert and on top of things. The nurses just keep getting nicer and nicer. Dr Gershberg is beyond fabulous in terms of knowledge, caring and follow through. I love the portal and the ease it allows me to ask a quick question.

7-14-16 C.M. I have been with Primary Care for about 43 years with Dr. Brad Wainer and I will never leave Primary Care due to him and the entire staff. They are always courteous and have always addressed any concerns that I would ask about.  Primary Care is Great!

7-14-16 M.P. Loved the fan in the exam room. Usually I am sweating like crazy. Of course I hate to go to the doctor....and I'm menopausal so I thought it was me!!! Thanks!

7-13-16 J.M. It was my first time at the office and everyone is great! Definitely recommending friends and family here.

7-12-16 A. R. Primary Care is an excellent medical practice with many improvements over the years to provide excellent care for it's patients. Bravo!

7-12-16My visits and care have always been satisfactory & better, often excellent - but there was a noticeable improvement at every step during my 7/11/16 visit.  The portal was initially a challenge as I received a message several years ago when I attempted to set it up, that I had not been successful.  I never went back until this month.  Had some problems, but your staff (Kathy & Raza) were wonderfully patient and helpful & successful in getting it set up and straightening out some confusion. Thank you.  I will be using it going forward.

E.T.  7-11-16 Just a big thank you to everyone. Excellent job

R.C. 7-8-16 Dr Brad- BEST DOCTOR EVER!

L.O. 7-7-16 My answers are always the same. But I have never had a problem since I started with the practice. If I cannot get in with Dr, Berndt I am always happy with who can see me. Always greet with a smile.

D.P. 7-7-16 We are long time patients and love everyone at PCA but the office is looking a bit worn.  We wondered if there was any plans for a face lift, like painting?

We have plans to paint the entire office soon! L Weiss MD

K.K. 7-5-16 less paperwork

We agree! Unfortunately, insurance companies now require sigificantly more documentation for many different medical problems. We are aware of this. The requirements for us to obtain this information will not go away. We are working on having the ability to preregister online; patients may be able to complete most of the required information prior to the visit from a your portal login.  L Weiss MD

D.Z. 6-28-16  I trust dr. As-always dr. Wainer and his staff were excellent Wainer with my life.

6-25-16 G.U.  everything about primary care has always been great, with one exception.in the previous year (or two?) things got a little hairy there with very long wait times in the waiting room. i mean, the waits were really excessive and frustrating.however, i think maybe a corner has been turned? as two visits [in the last two months or so?] have been dramatically improved; the waits were very reasonable and not an issue.keep up the great work!

We have instituted some new measure to try to decrease check-in times at the front desk. We’re glad to hear that the wait time has improved. L Weiss MD

L.S. 6-24-16 Everyone was pleasant and professional. A nice experience all around. Kudos to Sheldon.one time and he drew blood!!??

M.Y. 6-23-16  We appreciate the quick response time when we have a question or have lab results by Dr. Brad. He is always there for us.

D.J. 6-21-16 I was told about and signed up for your new acute care program. I was also told about the pre-appointment sign up procedure. You keep getting easier to communicate with. Dr.Wainer doubled as my nurse and doctor.Very satisfied.

A.P. 6-6-16 Thank you so much for getting us in so quickly!!

J.S. 6-6-16 The doctors are extremely competent and caring!  We have been blessed to be patients at this practice for the past 15 years.

6-4-16 O.M. I have been a patient of Primary Care since approximately 1993 and have always been well taken care of.  We moved 100 miles away and still prefer to see Dr. Wainer and Dr. Berndt because we trust them explicitly!

6-3-16 G.D. Do not change a thing

C.M.6-2-16 AS always my experience with Primary Care is outstanding beginning with the operator to make the appt, the front desk, the lab, the nurse and above and beyond. Dr.Wainer- I would be lost without him.

M.P. 6-1-16  Are you kidding...Primary Care is amazing. Me, not so much... I can't believe they accept me as a patient!

F.L. 5-31-16 I have been a long time patient of Primary Care. My main care provider is Dr. Wainer, and he always exceeds my expectations in treatment, communication, and patience. All of the Physicians that I have seen during my time with Primary Care are outstanding, as well as all of the Nurses, Billing Staff, and Receptionists.

M.B. 5-31-16 Nice people, always a smile

J.K. 5-27-16 Primary Care called me right away when they were told I had to get in for a physical.  The EKG was super sweet.  Chris who has been there forever is always so nice to deal with on the phone.

G.B. 5-26-16 Your staff and doctors are fabulous!

J.K. 5-25-16  Nurse Brenda was so helpful during my visit. Brenda was very professional and helped me make all my cardio appointments to make sure everything was done correctly. Thank you, Brenda!

T.C. 5-23-16 Love Dr. Berndt she is such a Nice, Understanding, Smart & Friendly Doctor & her Staff are Friendly & Efficient. Thank you All.

L.A. 5/23/16  Just wanted to let you know how pleased I was with Betsy working with my Blue Cross Medicare plan getting the authorization for my medication. I talked with her Saturday and she was very helpful. The insurance wanted yet another form filled out and she took care of it faxing it in on Saturday. Today she called me that she had gotten the authorization. Just wanted to let you know how helpful and professional she was.

M.U. 5-23-16 Time spent waiting for doc in waiting room + in exam room was significantly reduced compared to recent previous visits; this was greatly appreciated. Still a bit long to wait with little kids, but just inside the cutoff for being too long. D.Z. 5-23-16 I saw Dr. Wainer. He was great and his nursing staff was so patient and understanding.  Thank you.

Reply: We try our best to schedule appropriately and run on-time. When patients have additional medical problems that need to be addressed at the visit, the time taken to address this can't be factored in when scheduling the appointment. We hope that all of our patients are understanding as we will always give you the same consideration in addressing your medical concerns fully at the time of your visit. L Weiss MD

P.G. 5-20-16 Keep up the good work. Every time I come in the office everyone calls me by name, I like that!

E.K. 5-17-16 As a physician myself, I am confident stating this is clearly one of the premier primary care offices in the near-western suburbs of Chicago.  The physicians and entire staff are extremely knowledgeable and compassionate.  Thank you for all you have done for me and my family.

T.S. 5-16-16 Glad to have Dr Brad as my new doctor 

J.M. 5-12-16 I feel like a person here.(not a number)  Everyone is always friendly. A very non-stressful environment. The primary care family is what health care is all about. More healthcare offices need to take an example of this office.

L.G. 5-11-16 I think your office is great. I have been bringing my family there for the past 17 & 1/2 years and have only seen improvement. Good job. we  love Primary Care.

L.O. 5-9-16  I had to laugh about my answers. They are always the same, I could not be happier with any clinic since I never have a problem at Primary Care. From staff to Doctors I could not feel safer anywhere.

C.B. 5-2-16 Just a thank you.  The front office staff is much more friendly and welcoming than it had been.

A.A. 4-26-16 I am probably one of the Wainer's oldest patients, over 25 years. I move from the Berwyn area 13 years ago but still drive back to retain Dr. Wainer as my doctor. My grown children live by me and use Primary Care also. It's a 40 minute drive to get there for any on us. Knowing there are plenty of doctors in this area and we all keep coming back say how we feel about the personnel and service there. Actions do speak louder than words. Also, the portal is a great tool.

M.R. 4-23-16 Keep doing such excellent jobs!

D.M. 4-16-16Dr Brad is one of the best doctors I ever had. :) He takes so much time with his patients, never rushes you. I have had him for years. I  lived in Westchester and moved out to Plainfield and I still come to see him because I wouldn't trade him for the world .

M.S.4-4 Everyone is great, friendly, professional but personable.

P.S. 4-4 We have found all of the doctors in the practice to be experts, caring, thorough and accessible at all times.  We feel very blessed to have this group of doctors as our primary care physicians and we are grateful to them for the years of care they have provided to our family! 

4-2 J.B. Both Dr. Gershberg and Dr. Hseih have great bedside manner.

4-2 T.V. I absolutely love the portal, and being able to email the doctors. I also appreciate that I'm always able to get my son or myself in for an appointment when we are sick.

4-6 J.L. Everything is as expected. Thanks for the same day appointments. We have never used the Portal but will from now on.

3-24 A.O. love the portal and I also received a text message confirming the appointment.  Nice additions.

3-24 R.D. Parking can be a problem sometimes.  Wireless access is great - wish all my providers had it!

We know that there are times when parking is Berwyn is problematic. Parking is available on Windsor Avenue, Kenilworth Avenue, or at a Public Parking Garage on Grove Avenue, 1.5 blocks South of Windsor Avenue.There is a disabled parking space directly in front of our office. L. Weiss MD

3-23 W.D.Thank you. I believe you've acted upon my earlier concerns -privacy/HIPAA. I am grateful. The Staff and Doctors are great. It is easy for me to recommend your practice to those I know.

L.M. 3-8 Very pleased with the whole show, I don't need any changes.

B.S. 3-8 I cannot be more grateful to have such a wonderful healthcare providers. All staff is very kind and professional. I wanted to change my appt. time-and was accommodated. And our Dr Sheila Berndt is the best doctor you could wish for (I work in the same field). Thank you all!

V.M. 3-7 Primary Care is a model in providing personal medical care.

D.V. 3-15-16  The office is being run much more smoothly in regards to wait times & calling on the phone. The portal was an excellent addition.  The wait time in the waiting room has greatly improved. I'm a patient for 30 years and very pleased with the improvements in the office. All the Doctors are very nice and Dr. Brad cannot retire!! Thank you all for the wonderful service & care you show to the patients.

K.S. 2-25-16  Primary Care is a well run office and I appreciate how timely and knowledgeable all the staff is.

G.B. 2-24-16    Dr Brad is the BESTEST ever! Kris<Rochelle,Carmella,Kathy@ front end are the DIVA,s of multitasking especially as r/t f/u. I met a new face yesterday Paul and from start to finish he was professional as well as diligent in all aspects of care. Thank you!  Georgette

B.G. 2-22-16    I have been with Primary care for many years and appreciate their promptness, commitment and compassionate care. The staff work very hard to take care of any issues you may have with a positive resolution. I am truly satisfied with all that I've encountered, especially my current physician Dr.Gershberg for his tenacity.  Thanks

V.P. 2-20-16 The staff and doctors are wonderful at Primary Care.  I've sent may friends & family members to Primary Care.  It's wonderful to have a doctors office with Saturday hours and late hours during the week.  Primary Care is always able to see you when you are extremely sick and in emergency situations.  I love the Portal. It does need some work.  It takes a while to find referrals/lab results, etc.  Needs to be clearer and more user friendly.  I'm an advanced computer user, and I can't imagine my mother or others less computer savvy to be able to navigate the Portal.  Primary Care Offices are the BEST!  I have meet many friends in the past 22 years since I moved to Berwyn from the City, and everyone feels the same about Primary Care.  Thank you.

Reply: Thank you for your comments. We realize that some parts of the portal are not quite as intuitive as we might like. We will continue to work with the Portal Programmers to try to make this more user friendly. L Weiss MD

T.B. 2-19 -2016 I've been Dr.Sheila Berndt's patient for so many years, and I consider myself very lucky to have her.

D.V. 2-11-16The office is being run much more smoothly in regards to wait times & calling on the phone. The portal was an excellent addition.  The wait time in the waiting room has greatly improved. I'm a patient for 30 years and very pleased with the improvements in the office. All the Doctors are very nice and Dr. Brad cannot retire!! Thank you all for the wonderful service & care you show to the patients.

M.B. 2-8-16 No changes...everything was just fine.  Thank-you.

M.R. 2-5-16 As far as I'm concerned, perfect, excellent service, I love everyone at the office and my doctor, that's beside the point, "THE BEST IN THE WORLD" and god knows I have had many!!!!

1-26-16 A.F.I love primary care. Doctor Berndt is amazing. I love her.

1-24-16 G.R. Dr. Berndt is absolutely wonderful, I travel about a hour, from Carol Stream to PCA, because I feel she is that good. My nurse was Kathy, she was very nice and understanding also.

1-23-16 V.P. The portal is the best. I love that I can email Dr Gershberg and he is very prompt and thorough. He answers promptly and always addresses all my concern. I'm very happy with  Primary Care and highly recommend all the doctors to friends and family. Thank you.

1-23-16 M.K. I love the portal as a way to address minor health concerns or issues, and/or converse with my doctor or staff without having to wait on the phone, leave messages, or make personal appointments.  I would not abuse the system at all, but I do find it very helpful and convenient.

1-19-16 M.B.  I had a very good experience and was able to use the pharmacy, which saved a lot of time!

1-9-16 M.M. My family and I have been seeing Dr. Berndt and Dr Brad for about 30 years.  They are the best of the best!  They always take their time with you and answer your questions.

1-4-16 D.D. We are very happy with Dr. Weiss.  She is wonderful to work with and is always very helpful! We trust her and appreciate everything she does for our family. Thank you for sending out this survey.

1-2-16 B.D.I love my doctor and have always been treated with great respect.  I will always keep my doctor, I love him, he is the absolute best!!!

1-1-16 A.P. I appreciate how your practice honors several faith traditions in your waiting area.

12-30-2015 C.W.  I love Primary Care and it staff.  Always accommodating, friendly and caring.

12-30-15 G.D.Do not change a thing.  This is a great practice

12-17-15 S.R. Working in a hospital for 27 years I have seen patients experience terrible service from providers and staff. At primary Care the staff are professionals. Dr. Destani and Dr. Gershberg you guys are the BOMB!!!  All my family members have been going to Primary Care for years and are very happy. Thank you all for such excellent and professional service.

A.J. 12-16-15 My first time there and Dr Wainer was great. We will be back.

P.F. 12-15-15 Thank you for the Great Care that you give.

S.K. 12-11-15 Dr Berndt is just the best.  I am always recommending her. She is everything a good physician should be.

A.R. 12-8-15Dr. Weiss is a gift to my children! I trust her and appreciate how knowledgable she is.

R.D. 12-3-15 I could not ask for better care than I get from Dr. Brad! The nurses are always fantastic and after all the years I have been going there everyone pretty much greets me by name.

J.I. 12-1-15 Dr Weiss is truly knowledgable and my kids love her

P.W. 11-30-15 Everything was good and appropriate. I waited until the last minute to schedule my annual physical, but everything worked out well.

K.M. 11-5-15 I've been a patient of PC for over 15 years excellent doctors. My adult son continues to go and now I've added my little one to your practice. Thank you for your service.

M.G. 10-27-15 I have been going to Primary Care Assoc. for a long time