Danbee Kim, FNP-C

Danbee Kim FNP-CDanbee Kim, FNP-C, is originally from South Korea, but grew up in the Kentucky-Tennessee area. She received a Bachelor's degree in English from Sewanee: The University of the South, and then she went on to get her Master's of Nursing degree from Vanderbilt University in 2013. She moved from the South to the Chicago area in 2013, where she has been practicing in different environments and caring for various patients.

She is particularly interested in the holistic practice of family medicine, especially in the idea that treating the family as a whole is the best way in keeping everyone healthy and happy. Her favorite part of caring for the patient is providing patient education - helping the patient learn about his/her own disease process and giving him/her the tools needed to fight back. She loves to teach patients about nutrition, diabetes counseling, and preventative medicine - all in the hopes of stopping a problem before it develops. She hopes that she will become a part of the patient's extended family - someone who knows what's going on and is happy to listen in the hopes of finding the root of the problem.

Danbee will start seeing patients on July 31, 2017.